Featured Artist: Dairy Deputy

A Greensboro native for their entire life, Dairy is a professional artist with experience in multiple facets of design and illustration, particularly with comics. In addition, he also specializes in creating designer resin toys. Currently, Dairy is attending High Point University and serves as the president of the art club. There, he provides oversight for club activities and interactions within the university.

When drawing, Dairy prefers to use fountain pens, citing both TWSBI and Lamy as his go-to brands. As for the resin toys, he prefers to use Sculpey clay which has a polymer base.

For molding and casting the toys I use all smooth on products, the silicone is usually oomoo 30 or moldstar 15, the polyurethane resin is smoothcast 325 or 326, I switch between the two.

When looking for inspiration, Dairy turns to artists like Ashley Wood, Marek Jarocki, Christian “Crom” Ortiz, Jamie Hewlett, and David Peterson.

If you’re interested in reaching out to Dairy to learn more about his artwork or to commission a piece, you can contact him at the e-mail address below. Additionally, you can check out his Etsy store here.

Contact: dairy.deputy@gmail.com

Check out Dairy’s gallery below to see photos of his work!


Also, be sure to check out the Featured Artist pages for Thomas Boatwright and Ally Haney if you haven’t yet. All artists local to the Piedmont Triad are welcome to apply! The cost is absolutely free. Simply contact us to learn more. We are currently looking to feature small businesses and non-profit organizations as well moving into Spring and Summer 2017. If you or someone you know could benefit from free promotion then visit our main website to learn more.

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